Outlook Ridge Residences - Baguio City

Baguio City
Near Baguio Business District
Starts at P19k/month
Turnover on 2016
Escape the hectic city life and wake up with the scenic nature of Baguio City! Live in the Outlook Ridge Residences of DMCI Homes. Know more details here.
LOCATION De Los Reyes St., Outlook Drive, Baguio City
LAND AREA: 4,005.7 sqm

Mid-rise Building

6 Residential levels – North Wing
6 Residential levels – South Wing
2 Amenity Levels
3 Basement Parking Levels
UNIT SFA 6,933 sqm

 Outlook Ridge Residences is a premier condo community project of DMCI Homes—a company of innovative builders and engineering experts that develop modern day living solutions for urban families. Each of its developments is built with world-standard craftsmanship borne from D.M. Consunji Inc.’s almost 60 years of experience in the construction and development industry. DMCI Homes offers its customers the highest level of expertise and its strict adherence to global standards. Its corporate philosophy is anchored on a deep understanding that buying a home is more about investing in a better way of living. Outlook Ridge Residences is the perfect validation of this timely proposition. Thanks to this feature-rich ideally located community, residents can finally enjoy a more comfortable and meaningful way of life where they can feel real good to be home.

For affluent families and individuals who desire for an exclusive and comfortable second home in Baguio City, Outlook Ridge Residences is a mid-rise condo community perfect for weekend getaways or holiday adventures outside Manila.

Unlike other condo properties in the area, Outlook Ridge Residences offers titled homes, and is developed by no less than DMCI Homes, a trusted brand which traces its roots to renowned landmark builder, DM Consunji, Inc.

Baguio experience, a good life!

City living consistently gets tough and can make those at the top of their game easily lose focus. You know you’ve worked hard for yourself and your family to be where you are at now. You are established, and started living a good life….together, let’s find out how we both can live it up some more In Outlook Ridge Residences….

Have a sip of a steaming cup of coffee, and enjoy a work –life slow down while staring at the scenic view of the serene mountain vista and embracing yourself as you feel the cool breeze of the Benguet air.

Meditate, relax, have a closer feel of nature by simply waking up, smelling the familiar scent of the Pine trees and looking forward to start the day with an Al Fresco dining hoping to get a fill of your favorite ube jam. Feel the warmth of family bonding as you gather in front of a fire place catching up on tales and tell of each other. Find reason to celebrate life and more as you seek and explore the rich culture and heritage of Baguio city. Take delight with new finds of gastronomic pleasures or be inspired with some work of art found at the local market. Draw a colorful canvas of bliss by simply waiting for the season where flowers bloom or green patch of berries turn into a deep shade of blush.

As you think of all of this, smile….. Now, you know you are ready to live a good life, the high life at Baguio City.

Architectural design

Baguio City is known for its cool-climate, history, rich heritage, art, architecture and mixed traditional backgrounds that enable the city to embrace changes and opportunities as it progresses into modernity. Baguio has so much to offer when it comes to architectural styles, from the traditional hut to colonial-revivalisms and into the modern genres that are all evident in the city’s urban landscape. The building is a marriage of modern and Asian inspired architectural style. The building’s design elements and materials are manifested in the modern sleek architectural lines, textures and composition. The airy and wide glazed openings that blur the transition from indoor to outdoor are accentuated with steel lattice and trellis works. Light and earth-toned colors add to the Asian appeal which blends with the natural indigenous stoneworks. Balanced and well placed elements as well as textures, define the building’s sense of character and integrity in its architectural design concept.

Location Map

Refreshing Views, Cool Climate

With a climate cooler by 8 degrees celsius than any parts of the country, here a cup of steaming coffee is more soothing as you sip it and enjoy a work –life slow down while staring at the scenic view of the mountain vista.

Feel the need to bond to create lasting memories and warmth as you relish on the company of family or good friends welcoming, embracing the comforting cool breeze of the Benguet region.

Home setting in a vacation backdrop

Just like your house in the city, feel the ease to bring your family or friends in a weekend of fun or a holiday break with the comfort and convenience you’re used to in the city yet welcoming change of scenery perfect to create life’s moments.

How to get there:

From Ben Palispis High-way

  • Take Marcos Hi-way flyover heading down to Gov’t Park Road. Straight ahead towards Gov’t Center Road, turn right to T.M. Kalaw St. towards Upper Session Road, heading to South Drive. Upon reaching South drive, drive straight to reach Romulo Drive. Once in Romulo Drive, take a right turn at Outlook Drive. You’ll see a small street to your left named V. Delos Reyes St. Enter and drive down, Outlook Ridge will be to your right.

From Kennon Road

  • Take Military Cut-off Road heading towards South Drive. Upon reaching South drive, drive straight to reach Romulo Drive. Once in Romulo Drive, take a right turn at Outlook Drive. You’ll see a small street to your left named V. Delos Reyes St. Enter and drive down, Outlook Ridge will be to your right.


Institution  Distance in Km.
Our Lady Of the Atonement Cathedral 3Km
SM Baguio


Baguio Centermall 3Km
Baguio Market 3Km
 Burnham Park 3Km


Institution  Distance in Km.
Berkely School 2Km
Brent International School


St. Louis University 2Km
University of the Cordilleras 2Km
University of Baguio 2Km
University of the Philippines 3Km


Institution  Distance in Km.
Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital 3Km
SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart


Baguio General Hospital 3Km
Fil-Chinese General Hospital 3Km
Pines City Doctors Hospital 4Km


Institution  Distance in Km.
Camp John Hay 1Km
The Mansion


Wright Park 3Km
Mines View Park 3Km
Baguio Country Club 3Km
Baguio-Loakan Airport 4Km


Your City for Leisurely Pursuits

Whether it’s nature or a heart for an adventure, Baguio is a universe filled with diversity of activities capturing the interest of many.

Close to nature, take delight in long walks appreciating the different parks, vistas that unfold before your eyes.

Long before you’ve discovered the artist in you, BenCab and other local artists has found their home and built their culture here in Baguio.


  • Water Station
  • Laundry Station
  • Sauna
  • Scenic Elevator
  • CCTV in Common Areas
  • WiFi Ready Indoor Amenity
  • 100% Power Back-up
  • Individually Metered Utilities
  • Provision for Cable TV per Unit
  • Provision for Phone per Unit
  • Fire Alrm System
  • Automatic Fire Sprinklers
  • Electrified Perimeter Fence


Unit Plan

Unit Type  No. of Units Unit Area Gross Area
2 Bedroom A (Inner Unit) 99 45.0 53.5
2 Bedroom B (End Unit) 36 60.0 73.5
2 Bedroom C (Inner Unit) 3 51.5 64.0
2 Bedroom D (Inner Unit) 3 54.5 67.5



  • DMCI Homes is a trusted brand
  • Low density development at 136 units
  • High level of parking ratio. (almost 100% parking ratio )
  • Majestic view of a mountain vista from project location
  • The cold climate of Baguio is inviting not only for local tourists but as well as to foreigners
  • Proximity of project to places of interests like Camp John Hay, Baguio Country Club, etc where upscale target market frequents


  • Currently, there is no branded property developer selling titled condominium units in Baguio City for the upscale market (AB, C1 eco- classes)
  • Diversity of activities for local and foreign tourists to enjoy ranging from a delightful gastronomic experience, or a real deal of communing with nature as Benguet is drawn against a mountainous backdrop, and where artists of all sorts be it visual or cultural have found their piece of haven
  • Baguio is the center of education in North Luzon with eight (8) major institutions thus making it considerable piece of investment among parents who have kids studying in Baguio
  • More efficient road networks via NLEX and SCTEX thus reducing travel time going to Baguio
  • Trip Advisor cited Baguio City as one of Top 25 Asian Destination last 2011
  • A property development of DMCI Homes in Baguio City appears to be a great opportunity for the company in showcasing its ability to provide quality investments (second home) to upscale and discerning families.



Hassle-free vacation

Unlike your usual vacation wherein you have to wait for Holy Week or another shot of long weekend holiday proclamation, feel the ease to go into a weekend of fun anytime you want or as you may, enjoying a stress-free, faster travel up North through a more efficient road network via NLEX & SCTEX.

Forget about peak months dilemma of trying to get a hotel only to find out that all rooms are booked and you have to content yourself (after 8-10 hours butt-numbing long drive) to stay in an unreasonably priced cramped transient room, but instead, sprawl your back in the comforts of your own mattress and move around like a king or queen in the spacious confines of your own unit.

Stay for a day or everyday, we make it a point that your security and convenience is on top of our priority list. At your service, a group of trained professionals from DMCI Homes’ Property Management Office are on-site to extend assistance to residents ensuring their safety and peace of mind.